Alexandre Kimenyi

If I was born a long time ago
It was not going to bode well with me
I would have been outcasted
I am not throwing a false rumor on myself.

I hate to shoot and make things bleed
to see people dying without having had any problems with
It goes beyond me
Until the sun sets.

If I was told to put on the uniform and go to war
I would have pretended to be sick instead of going to fight
They could have outcasted me or I would have fled
I would have accepted to be enemy with people of my age
Because even killing a hairy caterpillar terrifies me.

Imagine crossing a river to attack somebody you don't know
Who could have become a friend if he didn't live the other side of the water
Then you circle him you strangle him you pierce him with a sword you finish him off
When the blood splashes they laud you
Without even any hint of previous grudge on the trail I was going to be a victim of it.

On the battlefield you hear about bodies are not even buried
Cadavers lay themselves on the floor and are let to the vultures
Swords don't spare even the wounded
Praises are deluged to great warriors and great hitters
Who surpass others in hitting with force who is labeled the enemy.

That spear they pierce in the chest
Sticks machetes blows those enemies of peace
I don't carry them I don't want to be a hero
And those who have the intentions I don't want them to rule me
I will accept to be an object of contempt instead of shedding the bile.


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